Healthy Halloween Snacks without the Sugar Crash

By: Melissa Fallon


The only thing scarier than the haunted house at Halloween is a spooky little ghoul on a sugar crash. Between the trick-or-treating and endless costume parties, the last thing your kids probably need around Halloween is more sweets and neon-colored candy. Whether it's the gooey caramel apples, bags of candy corn or the brightly colored punch bowls, it doesn't take much before those cute little princesses and superheroes turn into sugar-filled zombies.

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But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice Halloween fun by restricting snacktime to celery and carrot sticks. So before you say "R.I.P." to the idea of homemade Halloween treats, check out our 5 latest (and healthier!) Halloween snack hacks using naturally colored ingredients.

1. Ditch the Food Dye

Frankenstein Kiwi Pops

Recipe: Frankenstein Kiwi Pops

Ditch the green food dye and give the kids that same iconic monster look by using the natural colors of kiwi. In just a few simple steps, you can make priceless memories with your little monsters, without all the mysterious ingredients.

2. Trick-or-Wheat

Candy Corn Granola Bars

Recipe: Candy Corn Granola Bars

Trick-or-wheat is the name of the game for these whole-grain-filled homemade granola bars inspired by the classic Halloween candy. By using dried fruits and yogurt to create the colors, you can achieve the look of traditional candy corn without all the added sugar.

3. Let Kids Build Their Own

No-Bake Spooky Guacamole Pita Pizza

Recipe: No-Bake Monster Pita Pizza

Take the mystery out of snack time by putting together a simple pita station the kids are sure to go googly-eyed over. Serve them fully assembled or place the toppings in separate bowls to allow kids to create their very own spooky Halloween pita pizzas.

4. Brew Up a Spooky Healthy Breakfast

Halloween Smoothie Bowls


Witch Smoothie Bowl

Jack-O'-Lantern Smoothie Bowl

Spider Web Smoothie Bowl

Cauldron Smoothie Bowl

Brew up any of these four Halloween smoothie bowls for breakfast using our fail-proof recipes and fun printable bowl attachments for witches hat, cauldron and pumpkin leaf! With these colorful concoctions, it won't be long before you discover that the magical potion for a memorable snacktime is throwing out the rules and letting the kids play with their food.

5. Go Naturally Sweet

Peanut Butter Candy Apples

Recipe: Peanut Butter "Candy" Apples

With double the apple power, these "candy" apples are a quick snack alternative to sugar-laden caramel apples. Simply cut an apple in half, top with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips, and finish off with a wooden popsicle stick. Then place on top of an open Mott's Unsweetened Applesauce cup and serve with a spoon to make a healthy snack the kids will love deconstructing and gobbling up.

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